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My newest series, Portals, is about my perceptions and interest surrounding the multi-dimensional layers and textures of reality. These new pieces explore—intuitively—my interest in cosmology and particle physics. While we live in 3-dimensional space, with time as 4-d, contemporary particle physicists and astrophysicists theorize multiple dimensions. These dimensions, whether 5, 6, 7, 8 or even 10 or more, begin to describe an interconnection between all living things. This type of model flips the traditional paradigm of scientist as observer to an active participant and creator of physical reality. As a (novice!) student of these new theories, I am, as an artist, creating works that mirror this kind of thinking.


In many of my pieces—within one artwork—you will see several symbolic representations of reality. Whether hyper-realistic, illustrative, impressionistic, painterly, photographic, etc., each combination and visual modality moves beyond traditional artistic depictions of our perceived world.  

Installation views, Scarab Gallery, Fresno. Sept/Oct 2021

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