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Steve Norton: Traditional & Digital Media Artist

I was originally trained as an artist in painting and drawing, as evidenced by the hand painted illustrations in my children’s book, Catnap. Though never published in paper form, it was visited frequently on the web with 7,000-15,000 readers monthly for over a decade (I have since taken the book down). In the mid-nineties, I made a slow transition from making art with traditional materials to making art with digital software. You can see my early computer work in Catnap as a lot of the background imagery complementing the original scanned watercolors were digitally created. See CATNAP PAINTINGS.

Today, I work in any media that interests me, whether it is photography, watercolor, drawing, digital collage, or mixed-media. I use all the tools that are at my disposal. 

I am a fine artist, living and working in Central California. I sell tees, prints on canvas, and prints on paper in my shop. Check it out!


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