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The Catnap Images: Painted by Steve Norton

The slide show below contains images from Catnap. The original paintings are 12x14 inches, watercolor and mixed-media on paper.


I'm often asked how long it took to do each painting. Some, a day or two, others up to two weeks, depending on technique and complexity. The painting closest to my natural style as a painter is the Realist Cat (Thomas Eakins), which only took a day and a half for me to paint. The hardest painting technically was Neoclassical Cat

My favorite piece is the first painted in the series, Renaissance Cat. It combines Leonardo Da Vinci's, Mona Lisa with Jan Van Eyck's, Man with a Red Turban. I loved painting the twisted fabric of the turban and the hazy, atmospheric landscape. Runner up might be Rococo Cat. I love the image for its human hands, which I thoroughly enjoyed painting.

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