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Artist’s Statement

Since my graduate school days back in the middle 1980s, my work has exhibited a raw, swirling type of energy and matter in flux. Looking back even further, it seems I have always been interested in the cosmological, scientific origins of the universe. In this ongoing series, Primordial, I investigate creation, using ancient imagery and fire as metaphors for space-time and energy. These colorful digital works are at once quiet and meditative, yet explosive and compelling. The pieces are not literal illustrations of cosmological concepts or events, but rather intuitive explorations into the multifaceted, multidimensional layers of reality. 

How Did He Do That?


People often ask me how I make my images. I start by taking photographs with a high resolution digital camera. I never use any photos, but my own. Yep! I shot all these images! Then, I manipulate the photos using software (Photoshop, Painter, Filter Forge, On 1, Alien Skin Eye Candy, Topaz Studio, etc.) and a graphics tablet. The resulting images are printed on canvas on a 44 inch Epson wide-format printer. I seal the prints with a UV varnish, then stretch them on aluminum and wood strainers, which are custom made in Los Angeles. Smaller 16x20 inch images in the series--if not printed on canvas--are printed on Epson Hot Pressed Bright paper.

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