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Gallery 25, Fresno, California--October 2012 

In this series, Painterly Pictures, I venture back to my roots as an oil, acrylic, and watercolor painter, creating digital works with the look and feel of hand-painted media. As in my recent Vintage Pop series, I utilize found ephemera from the 1930s to the 1970s. This graphical imagery serves as the substrate for layered, colorful, painterly mark making, created solely on a digital graphic tablet in computer software. The process is digital, the output is digital, but one would not question the reality of painterly abstraction exhibited in this series.

Each piece of vintage ephemera is layered with gestural lines, marks, brushstrokes, color glazes, and paint splatters—creating contemporary works that reference historical abstract expressionism from the late 1940s and early 1950s. With one foot steeped in the past and one foot immersed in present technology, the work straddles time. The work evokes the comforting nostalgia of the past, simultaneously bringing us forward—it gives us a glimpse of the now, while freshly hinting at the future.

Painterly Pictures images are 16x20 inches, printed on Epson Cold Pressed Bright.

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