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Show ended December 4th


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My love of the hunting and gathering of rare and curious ephemera from the past century is the genesis of inspiration for this continuing series. I particularly love depictions of outer space from the 1930’s through the 1960’s. Whether on eBay or in an antique store, I am addicted to the hunt. The thrill of finding a rare, unusual image only fires this passion. Once acquired, I scan or photograph the imagery at very high digital resolutions. I then manipulate the files in Adobe Photoshop®, combining and juxtaposing imagery as I see fit—thematically, conceptually, and formally. As you study the pieces, you may notice each individual image has been meticulously cut out in the digital process, thereby saving every torn, wrinkled, stained, or hazy paper fiber edge. It is this aged condition in which I discover my collected ephemera that contributes to each piece’s final inherent ironic contrast—being at the same time old and new. Scale also plays an important role in the final printed canvases. They typically measure 36x54 inches and larger. Beyond this, the pieces are meant to be just plain fun to look at! 

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